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A Good Credit Score May Help You Find the Love of your Life

August 1, 2019

Young couple in loveIf you’ve tried your hand at online dating, you know how far a flattering profile photo can go. But what about a flattering credit score? More and more online dating users are putting their credit score in their dating profile. There are even online dating services that find you matches based exclusively on your credit score, like Here’s why it makes sense.

According to a survey, 50% of online daters find a good credit score more attractive than an impressive job title, while 40% favor a good score over a physically fit body. But it’s more than just a first impression, having a credit score of the same quality as the person you’re dating can give you some insight into whether the relationship will last or not.

A report on Credit Scores and Committed Relationships published by the Federal Reserve says the following:

We find the initial match quality of credit scores is strongly predictive of relationship outcomes in that couples with larger score gaps at the beginning of their relationship are more likely to subsequently separate.

You knew that having a good credit score can help you get approved for lower interest rates when it comes time to purchase a car or a home, but now you know that a good credit score could also help you attract that special someone. If you’re serious about finding the one, why not be up front that you’re looking for a partner who’s just as financially responsible as you are?




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