Start Right With Your First Credit Card

Because it's never too early to start building a credit history.



Perks Designed For Student Life

Flexible Payment Options

Pay your full balance, the minimum payment due, or any amount in between. It's up to you.

Instant Cash Access

Don't let "Cash Only" signs stop you. Your card works at any ATM or bank with a Visa™ logo on it.

Protection From Scammers

Something not familiar in your statement? Contact us immediately, so you won't be responsible for unauthorized charges.

Experts On Your Side

We've been helping people improve their financial futures for over 110 years.

Easy Account Tracking

Make payments and monitor spending from your phone with our mobile app.

Worldwide Acceptance

Rely on your card when ordering books at home, shopping abroad, and just about anywhere else.


How To Build a Credit History With Your First Credit Card

Credit scores tell lenders how likely you are to pay back a loan. Having a good score may make it easier to do things like rent an apartment or buy a car.

These 3 tips can help you establish a good one:


Start Early With Your First Card

Lenders like seeing a history of credit activity.


Show a Good Track Record

By making payments on time, your first credit card will help you improve your credit score.


Keep a Low Balance

It's your first card, be sure not to use too much of your available credit, it can lower your score.

Start Your Credit Journey Today


What Our Cardmembers Are Saying

This is actually my first credit card and it will help me by building my credit history at such a young age.

This card has been a great start to my financial freedom and helped me be more financially literate.

I used it to fill up my gas tank! I love that I am building credit at a young age.

It's helped me so much!! This is my first credit card and I truly love it!!