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Why You MUST Volunteer in College (& How To Do It)

August 7, 2019

Some students may find it difficult to volunteer during college due to hectic schedules of homework, classes, sports, and other activities. However, making time to volunteer is a great way to give back to others and grow as an individual.

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How do I know what kind of volunteer work is for me?

With many kinds of volunteer opportunities out there, narrowing it down may be difficult. To find what's right for you, consider asking yourself the following questions.


What are my interests?

Take your favorite things to do into consideration. Do you like sports, the environment, pets, or children? You could volunteer to plant trees in your community or help feed pets at the local animal shelter. You're sure to find something that fulfills at least one of your interests.


Do I want to volunteer locally?

Although there are a lot of options to volunteer locally, you can still travel and volunteer. Many colleges or community groups plan trips to other countries to help build schools or assist in cleanup after a natural disaster.


Why do I want to volunteer?

Do you have a desire to help others? Is it because you need hours for a class or sports team? Do you want to have it as an addition to your resume? Figuring out your motives can help you decide the right fit and where to look.


What skills and experience can I offer?

You don't necessarily need any special skills to volunteer, but your talents are still worth considering. If you are great with kids, consider volunteering at a school or daycare center. Pick volunteer opportunities that best suit you, so you can perform your best and help others.


Once you have thought about these questions, you can begin to search for volunteer opportunities and research groups you may be interested in helping.


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Why should I volunteer?

If you're required to volunteer for a class or sport in college, it may be hard to find the willpower. However, volunteering brings lots of benefits to all who are involved. Below are some of the benefits of volunteering.


Help Others

Becoming a volunteer teaches many lessons and truly allows you to appreciate what you do have. Volunteering can help you feel like you are using your time more effectively and make you feel rewarded for helping those in need.


Make a Difference

Volunteering can make a major difference in the world. For those without food or shelter, volunteers can literally change those people's lives.


Help the Environment

Volunteers play an important role in protecting and maintaining the earth. Interested in helping the environment? Start by picking up trash or helping with other cleanups around your area. You could also volunteer to help plant trees, keep oceans clean, help protect endangered wildlife, and more!


Personal Growth

Volunteering, at its core, is about helping others. However, it often provides personal benefits as well. Giving to others can bring happiness to you, and it can help you develop a sense of purpose. If you are the type of person that is always on the go, volunteering can be a positive escape from your busy reality and give you a chance to slow down.


Build Your Resume & Skills

Building a great resume is necessary for landing your ideal job. For those of you who aren't graduating just yet, volunteering can also help land you an academic, athletic, or unusual scholarship! Companies and colleges love to see volunteering on a job candidate's resume because it helps to show that the candidate puts others first. It may even increase your chances of getting a job.


Visit New Places

If you love traveling and need a good reason to do so, consider taking a volunteer trip. There are many organizations that help others worldwide and provide you with a great experience. Many groups organize trips to places like New Zealand, Africa, Thailand, India, Peru, and more.


Community Involvement

Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to get more involved in your community and help those in need. In addition, you'll be able to meet new people and learn about the community; this is especially beneficial for those who are new to the area.


Volunteering has many benefits and is rewarding in so many ways. Go out and find how you can make a difference through volunteering!




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