What to Do About a 1st Financial Bank USA Lost Credit Card

What to Do About a 1st Financial Bank USA Lost Credit Card Featured ImageLosing your credit card or having it stolen can be a major scare. Your first thought may be that someone is racking up thousands of dollars in debt and you will be held responsible for the fraudulent charges. What do you do about a 1st Financial Bank USA lost card? The solution can be quite simple and worry-free.


What steps should I take if my 1st Financial Bank USA credit card is lost or stolen?

Once you realize that your card is missing, the first step is to contact 1st Financial Bank and inform them of the lost or stolen card.

If your 1FBUSA card is lost or stolen, call the toll-free phone number 1-800-733-1732 to reach customer service.  A representative will walk you through a series of questions and complete a lost/stolen report.


How soon will the replacement card arrive?

A 1FBUSA replacement card will typically arrive to you in 10-14 days. You may also be given the option to receive your replacement card number via Secure Mail message before the card arrives. This way you are able to update any recurring payments and subscriptions that bill to the card. Plus, you can continue to make purchases online.


Will my lost card affect my credit score?

As long as you request a replacement card and do not cancel the card with 1st Financial Bank, your credit score will not be affected. Closing the account will show up on your credit report and may result in a credit score decrease, depending on your individual credit history.


Will I be responsible for any purchases made with my lost or stolen credit card?

No, you will not be held responsible for purchases made with your lost or stolen card. Your card protects you with Zero Liability for Unauthorized Use – which means that “if you didn’t buy it, you don’t pay for it”.


What can I do to avoid losing my credit card or having it stolen?

As much as you may try, not every missing card incident is avoidable. Even if you scour your credit card statements as soon as they’re available, sometimes you may just be the unfortunate victim of theft or credit card fraud. However, there are a few steps you can take to help prevent this. 


1. Place your card in a designated spot

Try selecting a designated spot inside your wallet or purse for your card. After using your credit card, make sure to always put it back in its special place. If you discover that it’s not in that place, you’ll know immediately that it may have been lost or stolen.


2. Only bring the cards you need

When traveling, you may feel the need to keep your wallet or purse stocked with all of your cards “just in case” you need them. In reality, you should only bring the credit cards you plan to use. Having additional cards with you may make it harder for you to notice if any go missing. Plus, it can make tracking your travel expenses more difficult.


3. Keep your card in sight

Always aim to keep your card in sight when making purchases. This may be difficult at restaurants or events, but do your best. If you have any suspicions that your credit card number was compromised during a transaction, monitor your credit card statements closely for any unauthorized charges. If you see something suspicious, call your credit card issuer and report it.



Although losing your card to theft or misplacement can seem scary, you’ve learned that it is much more simple to deal with than you originally thought. By stowing your card in the same place, bringing only the card(s) you’re using, and keeping an eye on your card(s), you can ensure that your shiny plastic card is better protected from thieves or neglect. As long as you contact your credit card company quickly, you will be able to minimize the negative effects of a 1FBUSA lost card. 




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