9 Expenses Your First Credit Card Can Help You With In College

February 29, 2020

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Starting college comes with many unknowns: different people, challenging lectures, and of course, new expenses. Hear from student credit cardholders themselves on how using their credit card helped them face their unknowns head on.

1. Textbooks 

“It made it very convenient and easy to pay for college textbooks online.”


2. Tuition & Class Fees

“Assisted me by helping pay for extra class fees I needed without having to have money wired or transferred to me!”


3. Gas

“My credit card helped me buy gas when I didn’t have the money for it right then. If not for my card, I wouldn’t have had gas to get back and forth to college.”


4. Car Insurance & Repairs

“My credit card allowed me to pay my car insurance in full and on time.”


5. Cell Phone Bills

“I was able to learn how to use a credit card to pay for my phone bill. Simple and easy.”


6. Traveling Home

“I was able to get a last minute flight home during my Spring Break.”


7. Vet Bills

“It was helpful to have my credit card when my puppy unexpectedly got sick and had to take a visit to the vet.”


8. Online Shopping

“I was able to order gifts off a wedding registry online, as well as save money on a pair of pants because they were online only.”


9. Unforeseen Emergencies

“I only use my new card for emergencies or when cash is low. I also purchased a Christmas gift. It’s easy to stay within your means when you stay on a budget. I’m glad I have this credit card to build my credit and ‘just in case’ moments.”



Are you a student seeking a credit card to help with

college expenses?