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14 Date Ideas That Won't Clean Out Your Savings

September 30, 2019

When it comes to dating in college, you shouldn't have to choose between fun and affordability. In fact, there are plenty of enjoyable date ideas that won't clean out your savings! If you're in search of the perfect, college budget-friendly date look no further; here is a list of 14 affordable date ideas to help you out.

Couple enjoying picnic

We know how badly you want to amaze that special person, but before you start spending money, hear us out. While an expensive dinner is sure to knock the socks off just about anyone, there are more affordable options that are just as impressive. We've done our research and compiled a plethora of affordable date ideas just for you (and that special someone).


Date Ideas $30 and Under


1. Go on a picnic

Picnics are relatively simple, but can put a fun and exciting twist on any meal. Whether you order a pizza, take something to go, or make it all yourself, it’ll be an enjoyable time regardless. Find a nice space with good scenery, lay down a blanket, and you’re all set.


2. Art Museums

Many local art museums only cost about $15-$20 admission per person, and they often offer free days/nights as well. Spend your time together talking about the paintings and sculptures. You may even find out a lot about the person you're there with.


3. Go out for ice cream

When in doubt, this date classic never fails. Take that special person out for a delicious dairy treat and conversation.


4. Get coffee

Most coffee shops offer a quiet, seemingly intimate environment. This is a great opportunity to get deep into conversation with your person. Enjoy sipping your latte whilst indulging in meaningful conversations.


5. Farmers Market

If you’re in the right place during the right season, don’t be afraid to check out your local farmers market. Browsing through the fresh, organic foods and the homemade knick-knacks can be a fun time for the both of you.


6. Enjoy local events

Pay attention to local ads and check online to view your city’s local event calendar. Art shows, concerts, musicals, and so much more could be offered just nearby. It’s also a great chance to support your community together.


7. Make dinner at home

Making dinner at home is the perfect cheaper alternative to a fancy dinner date, but it's just as impressive (maybe even more). Making dinner yourself is a great way to wow your date with your cooking skills, but cooking the meal together is also a fun date idea.



Free Date Ideas


8. Go on a hike/walk

Put on your hiking boots or tennis shoes and hit the trails for this date idea. Hiking can be a fun and exciting way to spend time with someone, and it also helps you stay active. Enjoy both the outdoors and good conversation.


9. Movie night at home

Movie theater dates are a good idea until you realize you’re spending too much money on tickets and snacks only to sit in uncomfortable seats next to disrespectful viewers. Instead, have a movie night at home! Pop some popcorn, grab a drink from the fridge, and settle down on the couch for a comfy and relaxed date at home.


10. Put together a puzzle

Dust off your 600 piece jigsaw puzzle for this fun and laid back date. Completing puzzles together is a great way to spend your time, and the relaxing environment also allows for more open and in depth conversation than a busy atmosphere.


11. Go for a drive

Going for a drive can be so much fun, especially when you’re with your date! Sing along to your favorite songs, tour around town, and if it's during the holidays, look at decorated houses. The possibilities are endless!


12. Have a game night

Game nights are a fun and goofy way to loosen up with your date. Invite your significant other over for a fun game of twister, guess who, or if you’re daring enough, monopoly.


13. Look through old photos/albums

Going through baby photos and other photo albums together can be an intimate way to spend time together. Get to know some details about your date's past, and maybe learn something new!


14. Get creative

When in doubt, get creative. Grab some paint, brushes, and paper and invite your date over for an art night. Draw random doodles, places you’ve been, or if you want to laugh, try and draw each other!


A lot of money doesn’t have to be spent in order to have a good time with your date. In fact, the amount of money spent on your date isn’t important. What is important is spending time together. We hope you enjoy these fun and affordable date ideas, and that they come in handy for you. Good luck and have fun!




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