Quiz: Should I Get a Credit Card for College?

There are many things to think about before going to college, including whether or not you should get a student credit card. Should you get a credit card for college? Before applying for a credit card, students and their parents should think about budgeting skills, what the card will be used for, and how the monthly bill will be paid.

Although it can be a big decision, there are many benefits of getting a credit card for college. Having a credit card allows students to learn good credit habits, gain experience managing credit cards responsibly, have a sense of security, build a credit history, monthly payments, and so much more. Take our quiz below to see if you're ready to get a credit card for college!


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Did you get the results you anticipated? Your debit card only allows you to spend the amount that is available in your bank account. That might not be ideal if you’re in between paychecks and need money for college. A credit card allows you to spend more than you may actually have, so be smart about your purchases and be aware of your credit limit while using the card to build credit.

Make sure to choose the credit card that is going to work best for you. Find the card that will allow you to build your credit and improve your personal finance skills. However, remember that paying off your credit card when it is due each month will help minimize your credit card debt and interest rates. Credit card companies and credit bureaus won’t give you a break for being a student.


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