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Which Financial Goal Should You Set Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

August 7, 2020

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Each zodiac sign has unique and individual traits that help contribute to the identity of the individual. Determined by your birth date, all twelve of the signs are different mixtures of characteristics, tendencies, and habits that help to make each one unique. That being said, each zodiac sign may have their own particular way of managing finances, as well as setting financial goals.

Read on to find which financial goal you should consider aiming for based on your zodiac sign.


Aries: Save for future

As an Aries, your financial future is often one of the last things on your mind. Each day, you’re met with exciting new deals and bargains that are sure to make your head turn. Your indulgent and frivolous spending habits often limit your savings, especially when it comes to long-term savings. 

At this point in your life, it is detrimental that you begin saving for your future. Not only will saving for the future ensure your financial stability, but it will also help you prepare for the major milestones in life. Be sure to monitor yourself when spending money, as it can be easy for you to overspend. It’s also a good idea to give yourself a day or two before moving forward with a large purchase. 


Taurus: Start an emergency fund

Being a Taurus, both spending and saving money are familiar to you. Although you’re not afraid to spend money on something you need, you are also one of the last signs to indulge in expensive and luxury purchases. You are also skilled at saving the money that comes your way, although you rarely save for anything specific. 

Starting an emergency fund is the next step in your financial journey. This entails setting aside an amount of money to use in case of an emergency, helping you feel protected and prepared if unexpected challenges are thrown your way. Starting can be as easy as saving a few dollars everyday or a larger amount each month. However you choose to save, make sure you know how to plan for financial emergencies.


Gemini: Pay off debt

As a Gemini, you often forget to check yourself when spending money, especially when you splurge on experiences. Just because there are few material items to track in your budget doesn’t mean you’re not spending! It may do you well to pay closer attention to your spending habits and avoid debt as often as you can. 

Dealing with debt can be intimidating and sometimes difficult, but becoming debt free is not impossible. In fact, paying off your debt can be achievable if you approach it correctly. Taking the right steps to deal with your student loan debt, credit card debt, or any other kind of debt involves learning how to budget, changing your spending habits, and much more.


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Cancer: Purchase a home

Being a Cancer, you are likely to spend money on your personal comfort and peace in your environment. Rather than spending money on outings with friends or clothing items, you only buy the essentials for your space. Whether it's bedding, a throw pillow, or an accent chair, each purchase is made with a vision in mind. 

The next step you should prepare for in your financial and life journey is buying a home. Making the decision to save for then purchase your first home is a huge step, and it can be very stressful as well. You must be prepared, mentally and financially, for the commitment and potential challenges of being a homeowner. 


Leo: Solidify a budget

As a Leo, you may not always keep track of your money. Between frivolous purchases, necessary expenses, and friendly loans, it’s hard to know where your money went based on memory alone. Although you’re aware that budgeting your money could benefit you, it seems like a larger task than you’d like to handle. 

Creating a solid budget is one of the most important aspects of managing your personal finances. Not only can a budget help keep track of your income and expenses, but it can also help you save money. It’s important that you understand the basics of budgeting before you get started; this will help ensure you craft the best budget for yourself! 


Virgo: Save for College

Being a Virgo, you tend to be on the more practical side of finances. However, you do like to spend a pretty penny on occasion. Although you do save your money, you could improve when it comes to saving up for important events and large expenses. 

The next step in your financial journey is saving up for education, whether it’s your own or your child’s. A college education can cost you a large sum of money, so saving up the right amount is very important. Getting a head start in your college funds could mean fewer student loans to pay for college tuition. 


Libra: Save for vacation

As a Libra, saying no to purchases may be difficult, especially when they’re for other people. Although you can save your money well, you often find yourself caught between wanting to save and wanting to splurge a little. Practice saving up towards specific events and purchases in order to help break this habit.

Saving up for vacation is the next goal you should set for yourself. Regardless of where you decide to travel, enjoying the trip without financial guilt is more fun! Start by saving your pocket change in a jar, or setting aside a small amount of your income for a few months. However you choose to go about your vacation savings, make sure you aren’t stressing your finances in other areas.


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Scorpio: Find financial stability

Being a Scorpio, you are often hyper-focused on the present moment rather than the future. This way of thinking can make it difficult to keep track of money, especially if you can’t say no to a purchase. Unless you make an effort to change these money habits, you may find yourself in some financial trouble.

Finding financial stability is one of the most important steps in your financial journey. To work towards being financially stable, you must learn how to manage and balance your finances. It is also a good idea to work on building a budget that works best for you! Taking control of your finances is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Sagittarius: Grow your savings

As a Sagittarius, you are a very optimistic and confident person. While these are fantastic characteristics, they can cause some trouble when they leak into your financial views. Being overly optimistic about your money habits, especially your saving habits, can potentially lead you into a deep hole. 

Growing your savings is the next financial goal you should set. This may sound difficult, but it’s entirely possible. Setting aside money in a savings account is the most direct way to increase your savings. It is also a good idea to avoid financial mistakes as well, as it may save you thousands.


Capricorn: Purchase or pay off a car

Being a Capricorn, you set the bar for financial responsibility pretty high. You are good at keeping track of your money and maintaining a plentiful savings account as well. That being said, it would do you well to focus on paying off important loans and debts before they become too much to handle.

The next step in your financial journey is buying a car or paying off your car. Although this task may seem daunting and difficult, it’s not impossible. There are many ways that you can approach purchasing or paying off a car, such as taking on car payments with interest, or paying in full. However you go about purchasing a car, make sure you are prepared for the commitment both mentally and financially. 


Aquarius: Increase your credit score

As an Aquarius, you enjoy being financially independent from others. Being able to manage and grow your personal finances by yourself is one of your favorite things. That being said, you may often forget to keep your credit score in line. 

Increasing your credit score is a very important task in your financial journey. Keeping track of loans, purchases, payment history, etc. can be a very intimidating task. However, it can be made easy if you are responsible and can hold yourself accountable. Be sure to stay on top of your credit score and put in the effort needed to make a difference! 


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Pisces: Save for retirement

Being a Pisces, it’s easy for your long term financial goals to be forgotten about until they’re knocking on your door. When saving up for important events and purchases, you often hesitate to commit too much money until absolutely necessary. Although you’re pretty good at saving your money, you could be better about saving for important financial goals. 

Saving for retirement is one of the most important financial tasks that you will take on. There are many different ways you can save for retirement, such as 401(k)s, IRAs, etc. Although saving up for retirement may seem like a never-ending task, the sooner you start saving, the better!

Each zodiac sign may handle money differently, but that doesn’t mean one sign will always manage finances better than another. It’s all about what works best for you, especially when it comes to your financial goals. When working on your goals, it’s important that you don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, focus on your own personal growth. 

We hope that these horoscope-based financial goals have helped you get a better focus on your personal finances!